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Posted by the lovely sparrows on Friday, 21 of March , 2008 at 12:14 am

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Upcoming shows
Date City Venue Notes
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
Date City Venue Notes
07/30/12Austin, TXW Hotel
07/18/12Austin, TXThe Mohawk
03/15/12Austin, TXPapi Tino's
03/14/12Austin, TXUrban Roots/Daychill
02/27/12Austin, TXThe Mohawk
02/04/12Austin, TXLambert's
02/03/12Austin, TXThe Paramount
10/15/11Austin, TXHotel Vegas
07/11/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
07/10/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
06/27/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
06/20/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
06/18/11Austin, TXThe Scoot Inn
06/13/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
05/19/11Austin, TXStubb's
03/16/11Austin , TXSkinny's Ballroom and Radio Station
02/19/11Austin, TXThe Khabele School Garden
02/19/11Austin, TXSnack Bar
01/22/11Austin, TXThe Mohawk
12/05/10Austin, TXThe Scoot Inn
05/29/10Austin, TXFlipnotics
04/17/10Austin, TXEnd of an Ear RecordsFREE
03/14/10Austin, TXSXSWProjections by Ethan Vogt! Debuting lots of new songs from the forthcoming record!
09/27/09Austin, TXThe Art Authority
08/13/09Austin, TXThe Mohawk
03/21/09Austin, TXSXSWMusic For Listeners Day Party, Red House Pizzaria
03/20/09Austin, TXSXSWAustin Sound Day Party, CreekSide Lounge
03/19/09Austin, TXSXSWParty Ends Day Party, Club Primo
03/18/09Austin, TXSXSWMaggie Maes, Gibson Room
03/15/09Austin, TXSXSWAV show with projections by Ethan Vogt
02/28/09Austin, TXClub Devillew/the Unbearables
02/10/09Austin, TXSecret Show
01/28/09Austin, TXStubb'sw/ Pink Nasty and Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps
11/07/08Austin, TXThe Mohawk
10/23/08New York City, NYCMJ FestivalOct. 21-25
10/03/08Montreal, QuebecPop MontrealOct. 1-5
09/20/08Austin, TXEnd of an Ear Records
09/16/08Austin, TXEmo'sw/ Throw Me The Statue. Official Bury the Cynics record release show.
08/27/08Portland, ORExit Onlyw/ Meyercord and Tex Winters
08/26/08Seattle, WashingtonChop Suey
08/24/08New Haven, CTCafe Nine
08/23/08Brooklyn, NYUnion Hallwith The Mugs
08/22/08New York, NYPianostaping for Billboard Underground
07/02/08Austin, TXThe Mohawkwith Fleet Foxes, the Dutchess and the Duke, and Balmorhea
06/24/08Austin, TXChurch of the Friendly Ghost
06/13/08Austin, TXKUT
06/13/08Austin, TXThe Mohawkwith Via Audio, and Jukebox The Ghost
04/29/08Austin, TXSecret Showw/ Precious Blood (Ralph White and Amy Annelle), The Dark Water Hymnal, and Lane and Paul (of Denton)
04/10/08Seattle, WATractor Tavernw/ Johsua Morrison
03/14/08Austin, TXSXSWw/ Lucero, Land of Talk, Cloud Cult, and Say Hi
02/22/08Austin, TXRuta Maya
02/18/08Austin, TXBeauty Barw/ Moth!Fight!
01/19/08New York, NYPianosw/ Paul Hogan (of Frances), Hospitality, Numbers And Letters
01/18/08Brooklyn, NYUnion Hallw/ Melomane, Lucinda Black Bear, and Laura Marling
11/29/07Austin, TXRuta Mayaw/ Mount Eerie (the Microphones, aka Phil Elverum)
07/26/07Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NYPete's Candy Storew/ Amber Papini and Lucy Wainwright Roche
07/24/07Brooklyn, NYUnion Hallw/ Finian McKean and David Garland
06/09/07Austin, TXThe Mohawkw/ Fishboy, Cavedweller, and Ryan Anderson!
05/18/07Austin, TXLambert's
05/14/07Austin, TXAlamo Drafthouse
04/29/07Austin, TXThe Peacockw/ Virgin of the Birds and ghost night
04/26/07Austin, TXKVRX Local Livew/ Jerm Pollet and Zookeeper
04/21/07Austin, TXParty Ends
04/06/07Chicago, ILWLUW
04/05/07Chicago, ILSchuba'sw/ The Swimmers
04/04/07Rock Island, ILDaytrotter
04/02/07Urbana, ILCanopy Clubw/ Pulsar47, Small Sails, and New Ruins
03/31/07Oklahoma City, OKVZD's
03/30/07Dallas, TXThe Cavernw/the Night Game Cult, Karrie Hopper, and Eaton Lake Tonics
03/17/07Austin, TXThe Mohawkw/ The Black Angels, and Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
03/15/07Austin, TXSpiderhouse
03/02/07Austin, TXEmo'sw/ Maria Taylor
03/01/07Boston, MassachusettsPhoning It In
02/27/07Austin, TXKVRX 91.7 - House of Tomorrow Night
02/21/07Austin, TXKUT
02/15/07Austin, TXYouth Spin KOOP radio
02/10/07Denton, TXDan's Silver Leafw/ The Theatre Fire, and Big Blue Marble
01/25/07Austin, TXThe Parishwith our good friends Meryl
01/23/07Dallas, TXClub Dadaw/ Clint Niosi the Midwinter Fits, and TIGER!
01/13/07Austin, TXEpoch Coffeew/ Real Live Tigers, Mark David Ashworth
12/14/06Austin, TXEmo'sw/ Shapes and Sizes and The Weird Weeds
12/01/06Austin, TXRuta Maya
11/24/06Austin, TXEmo'sw/ Evangelicals
11/10/06Portland, ORMississippi Pizza
10/17/06Austin, TXKVRX
10/15/06San Antonio, TXLimelight (Music for Listeners)
10/15/06San Antonio, TX180 Grams
10/14/06Austin, TXEnd of an Ear Records
10/13/06Austin, TXEmo'sw/Damien Jurado & Rosie Thomas
08/08/06Austin, TXBeerlandw/ Tony Presley/Real Live Tigers & more
07/21/06Austin, TXEmo'sw/ the Appleseed Cast, Russian Circles, & Criteria
06/21/06Austin, TXJesse's Bed & Breakfastw/ Karl Blau, Karrie Hopper & more
05/01/06Portland, ORAtlantis Lounge
04/29/06San Francisco, CAMama Buzz
04/28/06Albany, CAThe Ivy Room
04/27/06Austin, TXClub Deville
04/18/06Austin, TXStubb's
12/10/05Austin, TXJesse's Bed & Breakfast
11/13/05Austin, TXKVRX Local Live
10/22/05Austin, TXEmo's
10/02/05Austin, TXEnd of an Ear Records
08/10/05Austin, TXJesse's Bed & Breakfast

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Comment by Alison

Made Monday, 29 of June , 2009 at 3:07 pm

Are you ever going to come to the UK? We need something lovely to look forward to…

Comment by Allison

Made Wednesday, 2 of September , 2009 at 3:18 pm

Come to the east coast!

Comment by Jennifer R.

Made Thursday, 17 of March , 2011 at 1:47 pm

Are you guys coming to Houston any time soon?

Comment by Mads

Made Saturday, 31 of December , 2011 at 5:28 am

Why aren’t you coming to Denmark? We too want to experience the wonders of The Lovely Sparrows!

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